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Going green in the household

It’s a dark and gloomy day here in Nothern New York today. The rain is coming down and I’m stuck inside looking at the aftermath of the tornado my puppy and son have left behind. There’s a chewed up flip flops in the bedroom (Thanks Nellie), crayon wrappers all over the living room floor because Brody likes them off all 45 of his crayons and popcorn trails throughout the house like Hansel and Gretel. I just went into the bathroom and found a lemon and three eggs sitting on my drawers…. I’ll never understand Brodys obsession with these food products he stashes but it’s actually kind of cute. 

Now that I’ve described the battlefield I’m up against you get the picture of what my house looks like. Brody and I have been seeing a local holostic Doctor who I absolutely love. At our last appointment she strongly advised that we try to go chemical free in our household. I was worried that his would be expensive, a pain, and just unrealistic to get as effective results with all natural products. I dove right in and did hours of research, read reviews and posted on Facebook asking for advice and personals personal experience with this subject. I got some great advice and opinions and decided to dive in so naturally I suffered through a Target trip. I know it’s hard to tell over the Internet but this is complete sarcasm, Target may be my favorite place on earth. 

I am, no doubt in my mind, the most indecisive person I know. I am infamous for picking items up, walking around then putting them back. I then feel regret and go back, get the items then purchase them. Trust me, it’s bad. I swear I stood in the cleaning aisle for an hour making my selection. I never realized how many options were out there for all natural products. I scoffed at some items, $7-$10 for a cleaning spray!? I am in no place to be purchasing those items considering I am a stay at home mom at the time. I started to panic, maybe I can afford this and then my mind went in a million directions. I felt guilt, poor Brody deserves a home environment that is chemical free to help him. I instantly jumped on Pinterest looking up DIY cleaning products but that was even more overwhelming. I had to stop and regroup. I kept browsing and then I saw Method products. These are the same price as the chemistry filled items I had been buying on the regular, the packaging was cute and colorful and they were all natural. 

I was giddy at this point, I started filling my cart and vowing to come back and buy more once I ran out of the products I already had at home. Here is a list of what I bought and I encourage everyone to check it out! 

  1. Method kitchen lemongrass hand wash
  2. Method French lavender naturally derived hand wash 
  3. Method antibac all-purpose cleaner (wildflower)
  4.  ECOS laundry detergent 
  5. Method air refresher (wild poppy)

I have loved all of these products so far and I feel so much better as I’m cleaning knowing that these products are green and better to use around my special little boy. I don’t see a difference in how effective they are in cleaning and I actually enjoy these scents more. This air refresher smells amazing and better then any spray I have ever used. 

Anyway, I know this is a long winded post but I wanted to share what my newest quest is in this journey. I encourage all of you to do your own research and take a few minutes longer when shopping for products and see what options are out there. I see nothing but beneficial things coming out of this and with no change in cost, no one is complaining. So on that note, I’m off to put these products to good use. 

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