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Our opinion: Organic

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying my posts so far. Just wanted to go off of my last post about going green in our household and further expand on it to products we use.  Now that I have started going down the road of eliminating unnecessary chemicals out of our life, I’ve started researching about everything I use.
So here I was, at a wine festival where I was sipping wine slushies, sampling pretzels and sip and just enjoy friends and the beautiful Northern NY weather just strolling around. To my wallets horror there was a section of local vendors set up and I found myself drifting to this amazing smelling tent. Two nice ladies were sitting there, surrounded by goats milk products of every variety. I started looking, (the wine slushy kicking in) and my pile started growing until I had to tell myself to stop. My pile included two bug repellent lotion bars, lavender facial cream, lavender shampoo bar and and Lilly of the valley bar of soap. The lady running the stand proceeded to tell me it was one of the biggest sales she had which made me instantly feel happy and sad for her at the same time. All these things were the same price, if not cheaper then anything you’ll find in your local box store but packed with unknown ingredients you don’t understand. Anyway, bottom line is I walked away happy and the lady running it was happy too. 
Once I got home it reminded me of a similar purchase I had made when I was home in Maine last time. It sent me into a whirlwind but I was able to dig up these things and I was excited. I set out that day to swap out my old things for my new organic products. I slathered Brody up with the bug off lotion bar and it worked great, smelled a lot better and wasn’t a battle to apply. Because of Brodys sensory processing disorder he has a hard time with sprays and creams and it’s a fight every time I try to put any on him, poor kid. The lotion bar was more of an oily lotion bar and was so easy to use, he barely noticed what I was up to. Later that night after a nightly bath I used the other lotion bar I had and applied it to his previous mosquito bites and a few scratches he’s acquired during his adventures. At bedtime, I took my newly found lavender oil and applied some on his neck and wrists and let me tell you… It near knocked me out too. That lavender smelled so good and quickly put us to sleep… I fell asleep right in Brodys bed! 
Bottom line here is I love the new things I got and I encourage you as you’re at festivals, farmers markets, in local shops or even just browsing on etsy to be open to products like this! I don’t regret it at all and I’m going to constantly be on the lookout for new things and give organic the shot it deserves. Our bodies and our children’s are an investment and what we put on our body is just as important as what we put it in it. Do your research, reach out, take a step out of your comfort zone and make yourself a priority. As someone who’s recently made the switch I am telling you the benefits are worth it. Not to mention supporting local businesses? Win-win.  

2 thoughts on “Our opinion: Organic

  1. Lavender can’t be beat, so glad you are finding things that don’t go against his sensory issues… Lily of the Valley scent is like non other. I love this reminder.


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