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Not an autism mom…I’m a mom. 

The beauty I’m finding in this blog is that I can vocalize my opinion and thoughts freely. The older I get and more I go through, the more I’ve found myself not as concerned about what others think of my views. While I do feel this way, Brodys diagnosis with autism has led me to a grey area in this. I’m going to go on record that I am all about everyone having their right to their own opinions. With this new turn in the road and now blogging about it, I have found myself feeling more open which also leaves me more vulnerable. 

I apologize ahead of time if anyone takes offense to this but I hope you can appreciate my views and opinions as I try to do with others. My main message here is this: I am Kelcie. I am a person with interests, skills, an education and 27 years of life experiences. I’ve achieved goals, made mistakes, gone through different variations of heartbreaks, been selfish while at other times I’ve put myself as a last priority and instead put everyone else first. I am also a mother. My son is the center of my world, he’s smart, funny, handsome, creative, artistic, loving and incredibly memorable. He also has autism. Autism is not who he is and I am not an autism mom. I am just a mom of a beautiful boy who has autism. 

I don’t like the label “autism mom”. It is not my identity as it is not Brodys. While some things may be more difficult and very different then other parents, it doesn’t mean I am a super mom because of the diagnosis.  I have read several blogs, seen fb and Instagram pages saying we are not just parents, we are super parents! Listen when I say, we are all super parents. Many struggles other parents experience, I cannot relate and vice versa. We don’t need pity and we do not want to be treated or viewed as separate from other families and children. What we do want? Understanding, patience, compassion and appreciation for individuality. When I wrote this I would like to point out these are things I would expect everyone to have towards all parents and children! 

I would also like to be very real and level with you all. I get stressed, overwhelmed, cry, need alone time and just feel lost sometimes but I can’t begin to count how many parents I’ve talked to who deal with the same things. I love everyone and realize that some of you tiptoe while talking to me or try very hard to comfort me about Brody because you are kind and care. I will put it out there that it’s ok, Brody is autistic and it is a disability. He won’t grow out of it, he is not a late bloomer and I know he will be ok. I can see his effect on others and love everyone shows he and I and I’ve never felt a community rally behind me like I feel now. 

For all of you behind Brody, cheering from near and far for him to succeed and applauding his accomplishments, you keep me going through the tough times. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, to take your time to reach out and support us and share your feelings or experiences. Thank you for rallying behind someone and showing me that others view him as special as I do. 

My hope to you, the parent winding down from a long day of work and parenting, maybe going through medical, financial or emotional problems and staying afloat even if just barely is that you realize you’re amazing. Tomorrow when you wake up and start your day over again, please teach your child empathy and acceptance. Show them through example that it’s ok to be different, it’s a beautiful thing knowing we are shaping the future daily. Sitting here, watching Brody carry on enjoying his night I’m thankful to be a mother. It’s all I ever wanted. To you I say, don’t lose your identity. I am Kelcie,  I am also a mother to a son who is autistic and I love this life. 

3 thoughts on “Not an autism mom…I’m a mom. 

  1. It’s such a blessing you’ve found support. That is the place I wish we all could find. A place where support is always given no matter what, because mothering is difficult even when everything is easy, as if it ever is, but once it gets even a little hard we moms can get lost quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if blog land was a place for moms to find acceptance no matter our differences. I actually oddly wrote a post this morning about being offended and why it is stopping us moms from connecting. I enjoyed this post. Moms are super, period.


  2. A very different take on a different turn in the road and it’s nicely written. I like the fact that you have spoken about you and your achievements. I too have these but they are somewhat over shadowed well done to you x


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