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Making memories in Maine. 

I know I’ve been absent and neglectful of my blog, so sorry. I am currently in Rangeley, Maine where I grew up my whole life. The week before we left was full of anxiety of packing and prepping everything and just sheer madness. The important thing is that we are all in one piece and on a much needed vacation. 

So many thoughts  keep running through my mind here. The one I can’t gets over is how many memories I have of my own here as a kid and now I’m making new ones with Brody at my side. There have been a few times where I actually had Brody looking me in the eye and told him I was taking a mental photograph. I love the fact that Rangeley and this beautiful area will be a part of Brodys memories as well and we will always share that. Brody likes tv and tablets, all that technology just like every other kid. What I love about him is how he enjoys the simple things. He loves the outdoors, water and wind in his hair. His smile goes ear to ear and is so contagious, his happiness just overflows through jumping and skipping. 

Two memorie have stuck out specifically since I’ve been here and the pictures just don’t come close to capturing it but man, I tried. We went up this beautiful hill a little outside of Rangeley that has a 360* view of the area and I swear it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Brody could not even handle how happy he was and laid down in the dirt, laying like a starfish and just looking up at the sky. When he went up the set of stairs he ran in circles and shook his head back and fourth while the wind blew his long, blonde hair. His excitement made the experience a million times better and I was just so happy watching him. I know he couldn’t talk but I just knew how happy he was and that was enough. 

Since Rangeley is so small and is such a wooded area, we had to always find ways to entertain ourselves in simple ways. One memory I have with my family is going on our front porch and watch the thunder and lightening storms. I had seen a few storms while living in NY that reminded me of this and made my heart ache a little, missing those memories. My second or third night here in Maine I was at the house I grew up in as a kid when I heard a storm rolling in. The rain was coming down so hard and lightening was lighting up the whole sky. I grabbed Brody and plopped us down on the rockers out front. I was nervous the thunder would be too loud or he wouldn’t like the rain but he was actually very curious and enjoyed it. He melted right into me after checking out the rain and getting splashed on. We rocked back and fourth, taking it all in and just enjoying eachother a company. It was so simple and perfect that I knew I’d always remember it like I do from when I was a kid. 

We’ve had so many other fun times from going to the park, watching fireworks, attending the parades for the fourth and just spending time with family. It’s been great so far and I’m drinking in every minute of it. Sometimes we get caught up in the business of work, school, city life, bills and everything else we juggle to have a nice life that simple times get overlooked. It’s a natural thing and it happens to most of us but I’m thankful for times like this to remind me of how lucky we are and appreciate these memories. I am trying to take it all in and can see it in Brodys eyes that he’s doing the same. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air or the beautiful views here but my heart is full and content.  I hope you all feel the way I do at some point because it can help center you when you’re feeling off kilter, this I can say from first hand experience. Now I have to wrap it up because I’m like a kid at Christmas, my sister, Alex is almost here to visit!! Off to make some more memories. 💕

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