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Here comes Kelcie, the squeaky wheel. 

Facebook is a great site for so many reasons. I try to block out political posts and all those afwul pictures of suffering people am animals because I don’t need more negativity in life. The great things about it is I get to stay in touch with those I don’t regularly, it brings people close who you may not have been close to before and you can keep people updated on things going on in your life. Today, the on those day feature really got to me for two reasons.

On this day, two years ago, Brody had a virus that made us have to pull him out of daycare. I specifically remember having to go to the pediatricians office so often the receptionist knew me by name. I had to bring Brody probably two times a month, mostly for ear infections and then colds. While this aren’t serious things, it’s heart wrenching to see your child suffering or in pain. I hated feeling hopeless and did just about anything I could to make him feel better. This poor kid has seen so many doctors, as soon as we walk through the doors of one now he instantly puts his hand over his ears. He was on so many prescriptions so frequently that we had to cycle through different ones because they would stop working.

I say this with caution but Brodys health has improved so much. Sometimes you don’t realize as you go the leaps and bounds you have come until your faced with a reminder like I was. We went to the ears, nose and throat specialist today for a checkup. Brody had tubes put in both ears and adenoids removed. The imroovements I have seen since then is amazing, a complete turn around. He is understanding what I say and following directions, is so vocal, isn’t covering his ears and hiding anymore and is just overall happier. I can’t imagine suffering in silence, not able to comfort yourself or communicate how much pain you’re in. 
Going gluten and dairy free for the most part has also turned around his health. His stomach and digestion problems have almost resolved, his complextion is improved and also his anger problems have come a long way. The Brody I have now is not the Brody I had six months ago and I am so relieved for both of our sakes.

I want to take the time to say that a lot of the testing and appointments we had were because I didn’t stop pushing forward. There were times where I could tell that people were annoyed with me because I was a squeaky wheel. My parents raised me to be vocal and stand up for what I think and while some roll their eyes at me it has gotten me far with Brody. I can’t tell you how many doctors said no to his need for surgery, who said its typical for kids to get sick and it’s just how it is. I refused to believe it, I knew it my gut something was wrong which kept me searching for answers. I am thankful to have amazing therapists and eventaully great doctors who guided us down the right path to where we are now. I know there are times when it can be uncomfortable and awkward to go against what others think but at the end of the day it’s your child. You know your kid better then anyone and at the end of the day you need to be able to rest your head on your pillow and say you did all you could. You are your child’s advocate when they can’t be and I promise, had I not vocalized and fought like I did I would be right back in that waiting room with a sick kid every other week. 

Please be your child’s voice, If your gut tells you somethings not right there’s a reason. You have a parents intuition and I encourage you to help your child in whatever situation that isn’t sitting right with you, not always health wise either. Being a parent isn’t always easy or comfortable but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone helps both you and your child. The appointments we have have shifted from him being in pain to now checkups on his progress and that is something to celebrate. So while new things to overcome pop up everyday I’m thankful that the health problems have pretty much been resolved. One less worry off our shoulders and it feels so good. *high fives myself*

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