My name is Kelsey and I’m a mother to a beautiful boy, Brody. Last month, Brody was diagnosed with autism and a sensory processing disorder although we have known for over a year he had autism. We are a family from Maine, currently living in Watertown, NY and enjoying a different but similar area of beautiful scenery and a slight change of the small town pace. Brody currently attends a school for kids with disabilities and is enrolled in several therapies to help him with his special needs. Since learning about Brody’s needs, I’ve realized that there is a lack of awareness and basic knowledge of kids like Brody and have been facing this challenge daily. I am trying to transparent, honest and as open as possible through this journey so I can help those who would like to learn more and follow along and also as support for those who can relate. I hope that this blog somehow makes a difference and can be a great resource and outlet for anyone interested. Now knowing the things I do, I wish I would have chosen a degree in something more related to Brody’s needs rather then marketing and fashion. Since I don’t have the option to have a job in that area and have a hard time finding ways to contribute and make a change, this is attempt to somehow contribute to making a word and society where my son and others like him are better understood and accepted. He’s the most special and complex person I’ve met and I’m learning more every day. I hope you enjoy my page and encourage you to be an advocate for kids and adults who need a voice and support.

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  1. Hi Kelsey ! I’m your Uncle Stew’s friend Deb from Beverly Mass . I just wanted to say what a great idea / job your doing here ! I have a friend in the UK who has an autistic daughter, Iris Grace …. She is very very proactive with sharing ( on FB ) her and Iris’ goals , achievements, what works , what doesn’t and so on . I was just thinking you might like to lookin on her pages for ideas to share etc . Brody is absolutely adorable in the photos and the spoon and peanut butter story is a HUGE triumph ! How exciting!! So glad you shared .. It’s so nice to see the positive ! Keep up the great work !
    Again look up : Iris Grace onFB
    And thanks for sharing! I’ll try to figure out how to follow your blog too … I’m a little tech challenged !

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    1. Thank you so much! I will have to check it out, the more resources the better. I really enjoy hearing others stories as well. Thank you for reaching out, it means a lot.
      Thank you! He is a ham for the camera, I’m so in love with his blonde hair and blue eyes along with that big smile of his. He’s so photogenic. And no worries, this is my first day on here. It is a challenge for me too but I’m learning. I think if you go to my actual site it should have a follow option at the top right. Thanks for commenting and the support. 💕


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